Created by Dave Clarke - Sinister Fish Games

A pick & pass base building game for 1-5 players, from the designer & illustrator of Villagers and Streets.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Progress Report #1 // Pledge Manager
27 days ago – Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 12:59:32 AM


Hello there - it seems like an age since we last spoke, but my calendar informs me that it's been less than a month. I have a swift update for you today regarding general progress on getting Moon ready for print and the imminent opening of the pledge manager!

Art & Design

Haakon has been busy tweaking various graphic design elements, such as making the yellow tokens a little darker to contrast better with the white resource icons, and improving the readability of the Assimilate icons. He has also updated the files for the tokens with the new double-sided design which will reduce the amount of "banking" you'll have to do during the game.

Also done is the art for the three storage boxes included in the Deluxe edition, but we anticipate this might be fiddly to get right in practice so we'll have to see what the first samples are like before we can call them complete.

Mockup of all the wooden tokens in Tabletop Simulator.

Game Development

Nick & Haakon have been working on some balance issues relating to certain pink cards, and on integrating the Valkyrie expansion with the solo mode. It looks like good solutions have been found in both cases, which basically wraps up the development of the base game and expansion. Our private Tabletop Simulator mod has all the latest changes, and we will make them public once we're happy that nothing is *too* broken :D

Pledge Manager

I've been spending most of my time getting the Moon pledge manager ready in BackerKit for everyone, and I'm pleased to say that it's now complete. For those who are unaware, the pledge manager is a system we use to collect all our backers' shipping information and to allow extra items to be added to pledges - it also lets backers upgrade and downgrade pledge levels.

Every Moon backer will soon receive an email invite with a URL linking to the survey on BackerKit. Each link is unique to the backer, so don't share it! We will send survey links to the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

Today we will begin a "smoke test" of the system, sending survey links out to a randomly selected 5% of backers. Assuming a successful test, we'll then send everyone else their links. The entire process should take 2-3 days so please be on the lookout for an email from BackerKit before the end of this week. Please don't skip the survey because if you don't give us your shipping address, we can't send your pledge!

If you lose your link before filling in the survey, and you have access to the email account associated with your Kickstarter account, you can recover your invite here:

Customer Support

Most issues with the pledge manager (including missing pledge invites) can be dealt with by BackerKit directly - you can get in touch with them here.

If you need to contact Sinister Fish, please do so by emailing or via our website contact page. We do not offer customer support via Kickstarter comments or messages, or by any of our social media platforms.

Shipping Fees

BackerKit has a new feature we are using which allows us to bill for shipping much later in the process, close to the time of fulfilment. This allows us to give you the most accurate price, which we think is the best option for all concerned. I am aware of some high-profile crowdfunding projects surprising backers with astronomical shipping fees and I'd like to reassure you that barring further catastrophic global events, the price you'll pay to ship Moon to your door will be in line with the estimated pricing on the campaign page.

That is all for now - keep watching the skies for that survey link!

Take care, and play games.


Stretch Goal #13 // The End!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 06:23:28 AM


What an ending! We've passed 8000 backers and almost made it to £400,000, which is beyond amazing and makes Moon our most successful campaign yet. We genuinely can't thank you enough!

We easily smashed the last stretch goal while I was asleep (always a pleasure to wake up to), and we are now home free, with all stretch goals unlocked!

I hear the concerns some of you have raised about foil / holo cards being difficult to read on the table, and worries that they can curl over time. We hadn't considered this when we planned the stretch goal (obviously stretch goal focus groups are needed in future). In response we will do the foil Valkyrie structure cards in addition to the regular ones, so you can choose which you use. I hope that's a satisfactory solution.

Finale Livestream with Haakon, Nick, and Dave

Sadly, we will be livestreaming the end of the campaign from 12:30 GMT on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, but nonetheless, we'd love you to join us and ask any questions you might have. Seriously, please ask us something because we have literally no material prepared. Doesn't even have to be about Moon :D

Once that's done I'm going to go & collapse in a ball for about half an hour and then see if I can think straight enough to function normally for the rest of the day. Unlikely, but I am quite good at pretending.

What Happens Next?

As soon as the campaign ends you'll be billed by Kickstarter for whatever is in your basket. I'll then tinker around with the pledge manager (BackerKit) until it's ready to launch, and you'll be able to adjust/upgrade your pledge, and select add-ons. The pricing will all be the same as on Kickstarter, and we will bill for any extras and shipping all at the same time toward the end of this year or early 2023. We'll give you plenty of notice.


We will try to reprint any out-of-stock add-ons, particularly Streets: Deluxe Edition. BackerKit has a neat way for us to gauge and track demand for them, so don't worry if the item you're looking for isn't available right now - it might be later.


Not only are we billing for shipping later, but we are also planning to calculate it later, so you probably won't see any shipping estimates in the pledge manager right away.* We're doing this to give you the fairest deal on shipping - if prices fall in the coming months, we'll pass on the saving to you. If prices rise considerably, we will have to increase shipping fees, but I suspect that the really scary increases have already happened.

* I say "probably" because this is a new feature in BackerKit that we haven't enabled yet, but hope to in time for the opening of the pledge manager.

End Bit

Once again, huge and heartfelt thanks go out to all our backers from everyone here. Your support allows us to continue doing this full-time, which feels like an amazing privilege, and we are very grateful for it. Thanks also for making this a really fun campaign, which despite the creeping madness I'm currently feeling, has actually been relatively stress-free. In fact, we should do this again sometime!

Take care, and play games!

Dave, Haakon, Carly, and Nick

Stretch Goal #12 // Final Stretch Goal!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 06:14:13 AM


What a ride the last ~24 hours have been. We've added over 900 new backers - hi everyone, glad you could join us! - and hit our 12th stretch goal. Printed rover meeples are unlocked and will be included with the Moon deluxe edition.

What are these things? Roples? Mooples?

All of which brings us to the final stretch goal, and it's one for everyone. A couple of you have mentioned panoramic art on the bottom of the box to match Streets and Villagers, and I'm happy to say we'll be carrying on that tradition with Moon. But that's not the final stretch goal, this is...

It's *really* hard to make something look holographic when you have no idea what you're doing in Photoshop. The real things will look AWESOME!!

Hopefully we can hit this goal before the campaign ends tomorrow, but if we don't we'll count any pre-orders we get in the pledge manager and keep track of it there. We will also do a livestream for the last hour of the campaign so please join us for that if you're free - we'll post all the info in an update.

To those of you looking for add-ons which are no longer available (Streets: Deluxe Edition for example), we are going to reprint out-of-stock items if there is enough demand to meet the minimum order requirement. The pledge manager offers a neat way to track this, so we will figure everything out in BackerKit.

That's it for now - please secure your seatbelts and prepare to land, on the Moon!

Take care, and play games!


Stretch Goal #11
about 2 months ago – Mon, Aug 01, 2022 at 06:57:25 AM


The final burn has been initiated, 48-hour reminders sent, and we've blasted past another stretch goal!

Moon: Deluxe Edition now has three storage boxes which double as six component trays for the four resources, rovers, and heart tokens used in the game.

Next up, we have an upgrade for the deluxe edition which we think you're going to enjoy...

I'm going to keep it really brief and leave it there for tonight, but we appreciate you all very much. Now let's hit that goal!

Take care, and play games.


Stretch Goal #10
about 2 months ago – Sun, Jul 31, 2022 at 07:11:41 AM


It's that time again, another stretch goal has fallen! The Valkyrie expansion now has three extra structure cards in the form of Wormhole, Taven (does it look familiar to anyone?), and Ark. This increases the variety of Valkyrie cards that can show up in the game, as you'll now never see them all in the same game, even at five players.

We are now down to the final three stretch goals! I've set this next one quite high compared to the last few since tomorrow we're going to hit the final 48 hours of the project! At that point, Kickstarter sends an automated alert to everyone who clicked "Remind me" on the project page, and at the time of writing, there are over 12,000 people on that list. We're hoping that a decent number of them will decide to pledge, giving us a final boost in numbers at the end. Exciting times for sure.

Our next stretch goal is a very nice quality of life upgrade for the Deluxe edition only:

These sturdy two-part boxes, printed inside and out, will be the same size as the ones we did for Streets, and there will be three of them. They'll store all the tokens neatly when the game is packed away, and they double as component trays during play, with handy reference icons inside to tell you what goes where. I mean, you technically could put your rovers in the biomass tray, but you're not a monster, right?

This is what they look like when closed. YOU MUST OBEY THE ICONS!

And that is the end of this update. See you again at 6800 backers (I hope!).

Take care, and play games.